Alrighty, EriSol??? :)


who is the big spoon/little spoon

Sollux is the big spoon. Eridan yells at him every now and then to switch but its just awkward when Eri is the big spoon ;)

what is their favorite non-sexual activity

Going to the Aquarium. They go every or every other Thursday, and they get a discount on tickets for being regulars. Sollux isn’t interested in the seadwellers in the tanks, but hes interested in a certain seadwellers interests~ ;D

who uses all the hot water in the morning

Eridan. Same thing as before, I think Eridan would take a long time in the morning refreshing and preparing himself. Unless if Sollux finds a way to keep him from showering….*hint hint*

what they order from take out

“Everybody likes pizza!” (Yeah, everyone but Eridan. So he gets some type of pasta instead.)

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

Oh man, Eridans gill and fins, Sollux’s psionics, Personal flaws and strengths. Feferi is also a sore subject that neither of them like to be the first to bring up….(phew, It would’ve been easier to ask what they don’t fight over…»)

who does most of the cleaning

Eridan. Sol gets a bit messy time to time, but not to the point where it’s a wasteland.  Eridan doesn’t mind, he gets a little stressed out every now and then though.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working

Sollux. He isn’t very skill with conversing with some people, but the landlord aint one of them. All Eridan knows is that for some reason, the landlord has no problem talking, listening, and answering to Sol’s complaints….

who leaves their stuff around

See question about cleaning.  (Eridan also has his share of messiness too…)

who remembers to buy the milk

Sollux. Hes the only one who remembers that milk is a drink that exists.

who remembers anniversaries

Both of them remember, but they both celebrate and start the day of anniversary in their own “special way”. Whether its making breakfast for the other or hiding the others glasses :3